2D shooter, objectives and a lot of TNT...all the time. FPS-inspired controls with mouse and keyboard:

WASD, Space - move and jump;

Mouse - Aim and shoot.

(k - suicide, only for the demo)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SeriousStickness/

You control the main stickman, that is trying to finish some objectives, while a lot of enemies, charged with firepower, are spawning on your way.  Kill everything that moves, perhaps take the dropped weapons to increase your ammo and finish the objective. Destroy the enemy spawn points to take tactical advantage.

I tried to make the controls as responsive as possible to provide an intuitive and easy control. All you need is reactions and shooting accuracy.  Have fun with the dynamic shootouts, adrenaline and a lot of TNT!

Test concepts for feedback(PreAlpha_03), ideas are welcome: 

1. Stickness Level - Increased on killing, gives you some bonuses like faster healing for over 50% of the level.

2. Special skills - currently there's one -  slowing time with Mouse 2. Using special skill consumes stickness level.

I may create more skills (like force field that limits the taken damage).

The full game is planned to contain more levels, weapons and emenies (incl. bosses).

More effects, visual upgrades and so on. Soon in 2018.

Install instructions

For best responsiveness and quality download the demo below (zip, exe, Windows x86 /x64). The HTML web build is downgraded ;)


SeriousSticknessPreAlpha_03.rar 26 MB

Development log


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Very nice!!!

serious stickness

love the troll checkpoint

This track in my mind forever :)

GG, sticky

Wow Very nice game. I will look forward for new versions :)

Thanks, xstream!

I'm looking forward for a version with many more levels and multiplayer :) Great idea

Thank you, Peter :). I'm glad you like it. I'm working on it. The multiplayer is a future possibility, but still not planned.