Serious Stickness introduction and demo

Hello, Itch!

I'm glad to present to the world a demo of my current project "Serious Stickness" and myself. 

My name is Valentin Savov and I'm indie game developer from Bulgaria. I'm one man army on this project and it's time for some indie marketing along with game design. 

Serious Stickness is a 2D, stickman shooter with meme elements. The player controls the main character, has mission, firepower and has to use it...a lot. The enemies are few different types - shooter, melee, kamikadze. The spawn points are destructible and there's a lot of TNT because...why not :D. A friend of mine used to say that it's like 2D Serious Sam :D . Actually it's with less enemies, but more dynamic and with more explosions. I rely on responsive control,  inspired by FPS shooters. Simple rule set and different level types (in the demo it's one of the first type):

1. Objective based level - a complex level with an end and objectives for reaching it, while enemies are spawning from destructible spawn holes;

2. Killing spree arena - frag count, combos, and/or time to survive (example - fortification defense, or open arena with adrenaline boosted player skills);

3. Time checkpoint - reach next checkpoint fast and know - try not to die.

For now I'm planning to make few levels of each type. I will also add more weapons, graphics improvements, character redesigns, effects and so on. I'm thinking about multiplayer, but it's still only idea. It will be very nice to make co-op mode and deathmatch arenas. It all depends on feedback, my dev skills and, of course, time, and money.

I want to deliver a simple, but fun game - feel free to try the demo and give me some feedback I'll appreciate it. You can download exe for windows (redommended), or try the web build.

Game page:

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Mar 28, 2018
SeriousSticknessPreAlpha_03.rar 26 MB
Mar 20, 2018

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